Women's Islamic Network (WIN)

WIN aims to create quality Islamic-themed programs and activities for all women in the community.  Activities range from Tajweed class to Cooking classes to Senior Socials.


Youth Group (YG) and Boys&Girls Club (BGC)

ICCV has two primary youth social programs.  The ICCV Youth Group (YG) is designed primarily for high school age kids, whereas, the ICCV Boys&Girls Club (BGC) is designed primarily for middle school age kids.  


Both clubs strive to develop members by:

- Building character and reinforcing Islamic values

- Emphasizing citizenship and community service

- Developing leadership skills through activity planning

- Creating a desirable social Islamic environment


Friday Night Lectures

Every Friday evening, the Center offers a weekly religious lecture that spans a broad range of Islamic topics (Tafseer to Seerah).  These lectures are typically led by Imam Ahmed and is combined with a community potluck dinner.


Toddlers in Islam

To encourage and introduce younger kids to Islam, ICCV in 2013 has started a Toddlers class where young children and moms can come together on a weekly basis and share in Isalmic family-building activities.


"New to Islam" Potluck and Discussion


ICCV has a monthly social potluck and discussion program for brothers and sisters who have recently converted to Islam or are interested in learning more.  If you would like more information, please contact Sister Naseem at

Services & Activities


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ICCV is committed to fulfilling the spiritual and religious needs of its Muslim community by educating its members about their religious rites and providing high quality religious services encompassing all aspects of Islamic spirituality and worship. These services include:

- Daily & Friday Prayers

- Eid Celebration

- Ramadan Programs

- Hajj Program

- Sunday/Friday School for children

- Ad-hoc spiritual lectures and seminars

Burial & Cemetary

We are committed to providing quality service and guidance to all Muslims to assist in fulfilling the religious duties of performing proper Islamic burial for their decease.  The Center provides local burial services at Conejo Mountain Memorial Park located in Camarillo, CA.


ICCV provides Islamic marriage services. For further information on this please contact Imam Ahmed.


ICCV also provides high quality social services, such as social events, educational gatherings, and Zakat, which are necessary for the well-being and prosperity of the Muslim community.


To promote a greener environment, ICCV collects recyclable bottles and cans every Sunday morning (9am-12pm) when the MIU School is in session.  Items collected are delivered to an adjacent recycling center.

Islamic Center of Conejo Valley